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2103 Harrison Ave NW, #887 Olympia, WA 98502 360.867.8818

Mission Statement. The mission of CVG is to improve the quality of life in the West Olympia community through the development of public recreational and/or educational facilities such as parks, libraries, and museums.

Olympia's west side is a fast-growing community of vibrant neighborhoods and businesses that risks losing its unique sense of place without a shared community focal point and vision for its future. While West Olympia shares a common heritage and vision with downtown Olympia it is evolving into its own unique community, home to a significant and growing share of Olympia's residents and businesses. City focus and energy directed towards downtown Olympia is warranted but downtown's future cannot come at the expense of West Olympia's opportunities. The CVG believes it is time for West Olympia to develop its own cultural center that serves its needs and builds a strong community while enhancing the City's overall character.